Tok Sen

tok sen
Tok Sen releases tension and trauma in the tendons and clears the meridian lines of stagnant chi.

Tok Sen is Chi Nei Tsang level 3. Tamarind hammer and various chisels are tools used to release trauma in the tendons. Once the trauma is released the body can achieve homeostasis. 

  Positions used in treatment:

  1. Supine Lying
  2. Prone Lying
  3. Side Lying
  4. Seated

Tok sen:

  1. Increases blood circulation which nourishes tendons and encourages them to release hyper-tonic situations in the musculoskeletal system
  1. Relaxes muscles, tightness in muscles squeeze capillaries which in turn decreases blood circulation to muscles causing  muscle soreness
  1. Vibration releases the fascia that entraps peripheral nerves which travel along side blood vessels. Every time we hammer, it vibrates the area around capillaries and peripheral nerves which can stimulate muscles due to increased circulation and more flexibility as fascial restrictions decrease.

     4. When circulation improves, toxins are released and pain symptoms decrease.

4.1 Headache from nerve impingement, migraine, brain degeneration, blurred vision and difficulty hearing quiets

4.2 Shoulder pain, neck sprain, shoulder tendon tightness, decreased mobility of arm improve

4.3 Tendon compression, back muscle tightness, scapular problem and back pain decrease

4.4 Lower back pain, spinal cord inflammation, difficulty bending trunk symptoms improve

4.5 Lumbar pain and nerve compression decreases

4.6 Thigh pain, Hamstring muscle tightness, difficulty bending of knee,  popliteal  pain and patella dislocation improve

4.7 Calf pain from tight swollen muscles, pain in the sole of the foot,  and numbness decrease

4.8 Arm pain, elbow pain, arm and hand numbness from lack of circulation resolves

Level 3 classes can be found here