What is the scoop with reincarnation

What is the scoop with reincarnation?

This fascinating article 

and its discussion of reincarnation and the potential for past life regression got me thinking about the Theosophical Society actually. I kind of take them for granted. Having taught a couple of classes on taoism there I forget what a rich source they are for all kinds of information for me.

We have the ‘Bessant Lodge’ here in Parma Ohio, practically in my back yard. I bet you have one close to you also.

Best kept secret and phenomenal source of metaphysical information around. Check it out.

And Oh yes, once your have read this amazing article give me a ring 2165488980 and lets set up a past life regression for you to explore where your soul has been. Don’t you think its long overdue? I do!

Chi Nei Tsang ponders
Chi Nei Tsang ponders

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