Ode to an empath

It is time to address this.  In my life as a massage therapist it once was wonderful to be an empath. Now if you do so you are somehow seen as a weirdo who wears a tin hat as the profession approaches one of a technician and wanders from the healing arts from which it originally came.

Sad really, and when I read this post it resonated with me. Individuals in the healing arts should not feel they have to hide or submerge their sensitivity. For in reality it is a tool that gives a practitioner insight into the world around themselves and their client. When one is sensitive they check in and discern motivations, paths and edit their speech to create a positive narrative.

At least this is what I wish for you all my empathic buds. Here it is, a wonderful read. Enjoy and feel free to post here. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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