UHT Basics Cleveland May 7 thru 10 2018

UHT Basics Class
UHT Basics Class


The Universal Healing Tao basics is just that. Basic practice. Meditation, breath, movement. All designed to clear stagnant chi and emotions and aid in your journey to wellness. 

We will concentrate on Inner Smile, Microcosmic Orbit, Cosmic Healing Sounds, which are powerful tools in this adventure. 

You will learn basic meditation and
movement techniques to encourage proper respiration and effectively communicate
these concepts to your client. This class explains the basics of energy
medicine from the medical chi kung perspective as well as how to integrate it
with traditional massage practice. Suggested reading: ‘Awaken the light of the Healing Tao’
by Mantak Chia 

Features of the course:

  • inner smile
  • cosmic healing sounds
  • microcosmic orbit
  • tao yin
  • chi kung

Instructor: Mary Ellen Derwis LMT, UHT Chi Nei Tsang Senior Teacher

NCBTMB 451057-09

30 ce’s

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