Chi Nei Tsang and the vagus nerve

In this post Chi Nei Tsang and the vagus nerve I would like to call your attention to the following blog post that came across my desk this morning. Have you ever noticed that sometimes you just cannot let it go?

In it the discussion speaks to something that affects us all. The inability to let it go. Is it in the head, or is it in the gut, or perhaps its simply put, both.

As a Chi Nei Tsang Teacher and practitioner myself I would like to suggest that the best way to access the vagus nerve and encourage homeostasis is with Chi Nei Tsang.

Level one quiets the belly (the home to the second brain).

Level two or ‘chasing the winds’ follows the paths of dysfunction throughout the body. Effectively chasing the stagnant chi and tension out of the physical body.

Level three or ‘Tok Sen’  is the gently vibration or tapping that releases fascial restriction that places muscles and organs in a holding pattern. When a skilled practitioner taps the tendons there comes a release of this pattern and calm comes.

Then you will be ready to be mindful.

We access ourselves thru body mind and spirit. Our person, not out intellect decides the most advantageous approach. Chi Nei Tsang and the basic meditation practices offers options that the west sorely needs.

Please follow this link and join us back here for discussion. What are your thoughts?

Source: The vagus nerve, emotions and the difficulty with mindfulness practices

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