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Chi Nei Tsang makes one feel as though they have returned home, to themselves, to their community, to their core.

One of the things that has become apparent over the years is the in our western society we have a need to relearn how to be present and mindful with in our selves.

Chi Nei Tsang  and Grandmaster Mantak Chia’s system of practices and forms creates a space where we once again have options for wellness.

Be in the tao llc has a mission statement to ‘redefine your expectations of wellness.’  And Chi Nei Tsang is a huge part of the process.

Chi Nei Tsang School offers:

  • Chi Nei Tsang Level One where we learn to listen to ourselves and out second brain with breath and guidance
  • Chi Nei Tsang Level Two ‘Chasing the Winds’ where we learn to go deeper and release stagnant chi from our system that has set up specific patterns so that dis ease is quieted and wellness can be restored
  • Chi Nei Tsang Level Three ‘Tok Sen’ where gently tapping of meridians and organ systems release trauma with vibration to encourage lasting change
  • Tao Yin is a chi kung form much like yoga where breath stretching and mindfulness creates a space where the body mind and spirit can become silent
  • Inner Smile is a form that teaches us meditation where we explore our organs and release trapped emotion and chi
  • Microcosmic Orbit is a form that teach how to harvest and move chi thru proper channels so that balance or homeostasis can return to our being
  • Cosmic Healing Sounds is a form that utilizes posture and breath and is a bit like releasing a pressure valve. Giving stagnant chi a quick exit point when things are just too much for us
  • Fusion is a form that allows us to transform stagnant chi into a usable and productive form that the body can utilize for wellness
  • Iron Shirt is a form that allows us to literally ‘stand down’ , listen to ourselves and release patterns energetically and structurally that have set themselves up within us over the span of our lifetime

If this appeals to you, you are home. Chi Nei Tsang School Home.

From here follow the links and you will find the form that suits you.

Workshops and classes and treatments that will teach you these forms and provide guidance as you ‘redefine your expectations of wellness.’

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