Chi Nei Tsang and Responsibility

Chi Nei Tsang and Responsibility
Chi Nei Tsang and Responsibility

Chi Nei Tsang and Responsibility. What has one to do with the other? I invite you to read the blog post I came upon at Elephant Journal, and you tell me.

It made me ponder. It has always bothered me how some people claim that one is responsible for what happens to them. As if somehow it is their fault.

But then I read this article and realized that once we look at the etymology of the word one sees that the original meaning was french : ‘capable to respond’. 

It would appear that before the 1600’s responsibility was a positive movement. Responding to stimulus. Somehow it has become a negative as it is on your watch or your fault. Hmmm. What kind of socio political group would benefit from that kind of reworking of its meaning. Just Sayin’.

You can read the Elephant Journal below. But please do not forget to return to us here. So you can comment.

Blog post on responsibility

With Chi Nei Tsang and other Taoist practice we respond to what life has given us. Chi Nei Tsang through breath and touch, meditation thru mindfulness, tai chi thru movement.

Name your preference. 

I personally like them all. But Chi Nei Tsang on self and received within treatment addresses trauma (action) and release of trauma (response). So I guess you might say that when I allow myself to explore the second brain, where my emotions lie with Chi Nei Tsang I am being responsible in the best possible way. How about you. What are your thoughts?

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