Chi Nei Tsang re posts article about massage

Several years ago I wrote a byline for a local magazine. Chi Nei Tsang School re posts article about massage here.

Everything you wanted to know about massage but were afraid to ask!

It is my wish that this column will be a forum for questions and answers to inquiries about massage, Chi Kung, Feng Shui and other related issues. If you have questions please feel free to contact me at and I will be happy to address it in the following issue. Mary Ellen Derwis.


  1. There are so many different types of massage that I get confused. Could you please explain how they are different? –M
  2. That is a very good question. Yes, there are many types of massage. Every culture has developed healing techniques that suit them and in this wonderful time we humans are exposed to them all. The trick is to find what is right for you.

            First of all, the approach between eastern and western thought is inherently different. In western culture we are most familiar with massage that increases circulation and cleanses the body by working with the natural flow toward the heart. In eastern culture there is more awareness given to the meridian systems and perhaps more esoteric practice. That being said, in this day and age there is a lot of crossover.  So now what do you do?  Have fun. Explore different modalities. Try a Swedish massage and then next time a Lomi lomi. Many practitioners blend techniques from different types of massage disciplines which allow them to create a more personalized massage that addresses your needs.

            One cautions however, there are licensed massage therapists and then there are masseuses in the state of Ohio. If you are looking for therapy, look for a Board Licensed therapist (LMT). They have had a lot of specific training in anatomy and physiology and are more equipped to address physical problems your body may have. One added benefit, they also are equipped to relax your body. Why not treat yourself to the best of both worlds.


  1. What is a Swedish massage? –E
  2. Swedish massage is the model for most western massage techniques, Deep tissue, Rolfing, Myofascial release, Craniosacral to name a few. If you read basic texts describing Swedish massage you will find roots there.

            When you are watching television and you see someone getting a massage on a cruise you can bet it is Swedish massage. The muscles are kneaded and in that process toxins are removed leaving space for circulation to increase and your body to feel better. It affects all the organ systems of the body and that is one reason you feel refreshed and think more clearly after a session.


  1. You mention Chi Kung, Feng Shui and eastern massage, how are these things related? –D
  2. As I stated previously Chi Kung is an eastern method of energy movement. Feng Shui is energy movement in the environment. Eastern massage techniques are based on the Taoist philosophy of moving energy or Chi thru the five elements as represented in the meridian systems (Bladder/kidney, Heart/small intestine, Lung/large intestine, Stomach/spleen, Triple Heater and Liver/Gall Bladder to encourage good health. Feng Shui, eastern massage and Chi Nei Tsang all have roots in Chi Kung practice and are based on these five elements.


  1. How do I start to make healthy changes in my life without rearranging my whole life? –B
  2. We now approach spring, which is the time of year when the Liver meridian is most active. It is a good time to start that cleanse you’ve been talking about all winter. Vegetables and fruits high in vitamin A such as carrots, broccoli, oranges, tomatoes and apricots support the liver in this time when it is so active so stock up and enjoy.

            Chi Kung practices, such as movement and meditation specifically intended to support the Liver meridian will not only de-stress you but actively support brain function. I offer classes which walk you through the process 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday nights at Stoney Run Clubhouse in Broadview Heights. For more information please call me.

            Feng Shui, which is the movement of chi or energy thru your external environment is a way to clear out your surroundings just as Chi Nei Tsang or meditation clears out you internal environment. So my suggestion is get into the nooks and crannies and clear out the stuff that piled up while you were in hibernation and call Goodwill. Spring is about clearing out the old and making room for the new.


  1. I read your interesting article in the Nordonia Hills Community Times and have always wondered if any of these methods of relaxing the body would help infertility, assuming all the obvious physical issues had been addressed.?  –P
  2. Yes, as a matter of fact massage can help with fertility issues. Many times attempting to conceive causes stress as time goes on with no results. Tests to diagnose fertility issues are stressful. Even when the tests come back and say everything is working properly there is the added stress of ‘why isn’t this happening?’ Needless to say a series of massage sessions are in order for both partners.

As a Chi Kung practitioner I would recommend Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist abdominal massage with breath work). Not only is it an extremely relaxing technique, but it has the added benefit of balancing the Chi (energy) flow of all the meridians. This affects all the organ systems which in turn strengthen the reproductive system.

The ‘old timers’ would say, ”Just relax” and let nature take its course. I say “ what better way to relax than getting some massage therapy and Chi Nei Tsang sessions… and let nature take its course.”



Mary Ellen has been a Massage Therapist for 25 years and has studied many different disciplines. She offers individual sessions in massage and chi kung as well as group classes in meditation and chi kung.  To learn more about her visit her website at

To ask her questions contact her at or call her at 216.548.8980.

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