We are committed to your long term educational needs.  Whether you are a massage practitioner or an individual seeking wellness, the Chi Nei Tsang School provides mentorship programs and classes that will expand your practice.  Redefine your work to include overall health and well-being based in the eastern and western medicine models. Explore our Classes on the following pages, and discover all the benefits you’ll enjoy as a practitioner.

Chi Nei Tsang applied Chi Kung  will give you options that will grow your wellness practice. But don’t just think of our classes as a therapeutic remedy for your patients or practice. Our workshops and classes for individuals have advantages, too. Chi Kung, meditations such as Microcosmic orbit and Tao Yin will enhance your health, improve your performance and serve as a preventative tool that can be easily integrated into your lifestyle.

Whether you are a massage practitioner or and individual seeking more depth in your wellness practice we welcome you. At be in the tao, we look forward to getting to know you personally!

Chi Nei Tsang Senior Teacher
Mary Ellen Derwis LMT, Universal Healing Tao Chi Nei Tsang Senior Teacher

Mary Ellen Derwis, Lmt. has 25+ years of experience as a licensed Masso-therapist. She is a graduate of the Chi Nie Tsang Institute and is a Chi Nei Tsang Senior Teacher with the Grandmaster Mantak Chia’s Healing system. Full Instructor of Universal Tao Basics, Chi Kung & Tao Yin, and a practitioner of deep body work Tok Sen and Guasa. She blends eastern and western wellness philosophies into a form that is user friendly for each individual.  She is dedicated to the Tao and all the richness that it brings into our lives. Ohio LMT 5865. You can learn more about her at www.beinthetao.com and www.facebook.com/chimassage


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Praise for Mary Ellen Derwis

I am very glad to give my highest recommendations for Mary Ellen Derwis for her excellent skills in Chi Nei Tsang.- Gilles Marin, Founder, The Chi Nei Tsang Institute

Mary Ellen is a fountain of knowledge and a fantastic presenter. She makes learning fun! 
I’m proud to call her a colleague.” – Sarina Stone, Healing Tao 

CNT Like Trying to Describe the Taste of Bananas

Mary Ellen Derwis’ Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage seminar was one of the most unique I ever attended. I’m educated in three different ‘energy’ techniques, including Cranio Sacral, but this was my first combining hands on working with meridians.

I found Mary Ellen Derwis a remarkably gifted teacher. Samples of her wisdom: “Most of what I teach, whether you remember, you already know.” “Chi Nei Tsang does not measure your success by centimeters. Every therapist will work differently.” “Intent is the primary modality. Use gentle, nonintrusive contact.” “The breath is essential for bringing in the Chi.”

There was structure and sequence in the class, but it wasn’t rigid. I found the work comfortable to give and receive. My classmates had a variety of deep healing experiences. She is uniquely talented at teaching this powerful energetic body work. — Margaret Miller, LMT

Mary Ellen is a gifted teacher. She explains the concepts in a crystal clear fashion and allows the students to apply the knowledge hands on as they go along. She gives instant feedback to each class participant. At the end of the class I felt confident that I could integrate this massage modality into my practice right away. – Melissa D.

Learning a new energetic art like chi nei tsang can be intimidating, or simply confusing at times. Mary Ellen is one of those gifted teachers to take you by the hand and show you through the maze and back. Her down to earth approach will give you something to take home and practice on yourself and others in a way that is gentle, thorough and unforgettable. – Helen P.

A Massage for the Mind, Not Just Muscles

Mary Ellen’s CNT is a massage for the mind …delivered through our body.

The first time I crossed the threshold of “be in the tao”, I was a mess – stressed and tired. Mary Ellen asked me what kind of massage I wanted and I literally put myself in her hands to decide.

 She chose a CNT massage. Within minutes, everything inside me changed. I had visions. I gained clarity. I felt peaceful, yet energized.

Creative ideas flowed in my dreams and work for weeks. Everything seemed easier, somehow.

It was like a breakthrough after years of serious therapy, but without uttering a word or picking at old emotional wounds.

It’s a detox massage. Who doesn’t need to a seasonal cleanse? I know its effects are different for everyone. For me, it was like psychedelics without drugs, time-travel sans space suit, and more visions.

 The point is Mary Ellen dispenses more than muscle manipulation.

Ask about her three-years comatose client who, after Mary Ellen’s work, is now showing responsiveness to stimulus. 

If you’re experiencing pain and stiffness in your muscles or your mind, consider putting yourself in Mary Ellen’s hands. – Jim K., Ohio

Safe, Empowering & Life Altering Body Work!

What can I say about an experience that is life altering in a gentle, subtle, comforting way that transcends words?

I have been a client of Mary Ellen’s for many years. In my first sessions I was so anxious and fearful to be touched, but my entire being needed to be comforted so profoundly!  Mary Ellen is a professional who has such experience, integrity, and such a gift to help people connect with their own healing intuition — and she believes in our power to do so if we are open to it!

She is the guide and we follow….she makes it easy! The space where you start this journey is so lovely and feels to me like a safe cocoon …you are just drawn into the nurturing space and let go. She is so humble in her work, always allowing your mind, body, and spirit to take its’ own path…she is on the journey with you.

I experience her differently from others, because I leave with a sense of empowerment about my health, my life and total well being. Mary Ellen works through massage using many different modalities she has learned and teaches others, including Reiki. A session with Mary Ellen goes beyond the time spent in her sanctuary…it follows you home and you can’t wait to get back for more!  She never stops learning and growing in her practice and that inspires me! – Melinda M., Hinckley, OH

Mary Ellen is first and foremost a kind, considerate and passionate person who is very concerned with not just treating a pain but eliminating the root of the problem. In today’s world of alternative medicine and massage therapy it is very refreshing to see someone take a genuine interest in someone’s overall well-being, not just attempting to fix another problem. Mary Ellen truly goes above and beyond the call of duty by treating the person, not the problem. I would highly recommend Mary Ellen to anyone suffering from chronic pains, overall unhealthy feelings, or general discomfort. – Kurt M., Ohio

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