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Chasing the Winds

Chasing the winds

Releases stagnant chi that form specific patterns in the body by a pumping action and activation of Chi Nei Tsang points all over the body. There are 12 winds. Mary Ellen will access your needs and choose a wind to release accordingly. To learn more about the qualities of each wind go to the chasing the winds page.

Gua sa

Gua Sa
Gua Sa is a scraping of tissues to release stagnant chi or sha and is used in Chi Nei Tsang Treatments.

This particular modality can be used to clear stagnant chi from the meridians and improves structure and function both in the abdominal organs and the musculoskeletal system.

Tok Sen

tok sen
Tok Sen releases tension and trauma in the tendons and clears the meridian lines of stagnant chi.

Tok Sen is an ancient healing modality from the Chiang Mai region of Thailand. In this treatment Mary Ellen will use a hammer and various chisels to tap areas of stress to release fascial patterns that it has taken years to create.

Life Pulse

Life Pulse massage clears stagnant chi via the blood

Life Pulse is Chi Nei Tsang Level 5. Mary Ellen has learned this modality from Master Chia and is sharing it here as part of her Chi Nei Tsang practice. Balancing the pulses clears stagnant chi in the blood and brings balance to the elemental forces in the body.

Many times a Chi Nei Tsang session has elements of all the above methods. Mary Ellen will integrate the elements that will suit you at any given time. After all it is all about you and your journey.

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